mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

Numark Total Control Patch

This patch is very useful to understand how to connect any usb/midi controller to Max Msp

In this very patch i've used the Numark Total control layout to map all the parameters available

The cool thing about this patch is the workaround i've found to map the "endless rotary encoders" or  360 type encoders.. take a look

since the incoming value was fluttering i've noticed that when i went up it gave me a certain range of numbers and going down i had other numbers.. the solution at this point was very simple = "select" object!

I'm currently using this patch in every Lociverba performance

You can download the patch  HERE

Enjoy and comment!

Edit: i re-uploaded the patch since there were 2 little bugs.. thank you Benjamin!

lunedì 24 gennaio 2011


Let's create a tap tempo!!!!

This is a quite simple patch to start with but i'm sure it will come in handy for someone..

The idea behind is very simple but also a little tricky

Just press on the big bang button a first time then press it a second time and we now have the interval in milliseconds thanks to the fabulous object called "timer"

Once we get the milliseconds interval between the first and the second press, it's very easy for our shiny brain to translate it into Bpm

Ok now we are ready to synchronize our max msp creations with the rest of the world!
You can download the patch Here

Please comment and enjoy!


domenica 23 gennaio 2011

Lociverba Project

Lociverba is a project i'm currently workin on.  It's a site-specific performance that keeps all the particular aspects of the place where we are playing and lets the place talk for himself.
Litterally the word Lociverba is formed by the latin words "Loci" that means "of the place" and "verba" that means "words"

The following videos were shot in Italy where i live and can give you an idea of what i'm after

Lociverba 02

Lociverba 00

Let's start a blog!

Hey all!  That's my first attempt in the blog world..  this page will be like my personal sketchbook about Max/Msp patches and techniques for electronic music production

I hope you will enjoy my share of some patches and maybe i will get advices and ideas from you all

Enjoy the sketchbook!