sabato 19 febbraio 2011

Some old patches

Here are some of my old patches videos

Drones - patch

The Outclicker - patch

And my very first patch called  The slicer!


Lorenzo - Canenero

domenica 6 febbraio 2011

Nella notte - In the night patch

Hey! this is gift time!

please help the little girl to get lost in the night..

With this patch you can easily create melodies selecting the root note and the type of scale.. all the notes you are going to write in the grid will stay in the scale desired

You can select the tempo, the time division and the length of the notes too!

This is the patch overview

The core of this patch is this poly sub-patch

If you had not enough, it's possible to send the notes out to any desired midi device (or routing drivers like IAC bus on OSX or MidiYoke on Windows ) just click on "noteout 1" tab and select your output

Yeah i know , that's a hell of a gift.. if you enjoy it comment and let me know!

Please download the patch  HERE


Please note: in this max collective i've used a reverb object called "gigaverb~" that works fine in Osx but i'm not sure if it will work on windows too.. let me know

mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

Preset morphing

This patch shows how to morph between presets. To understand what's goin on,  just click on the big toggle and see the different behaviour of the presets switching

The idea is simple but can be very useful in projects where we need precise transitions between parameters we already stored in the "preset object"

You can download the patch HERE

Enjoy and comment!