venerdì 15 luglio 2011

The Sound Circle

This is an installation i made in in June 2011 with the collaboration of Paolo F. Bragaglia ( ) for an italian PA brand called FBT

We used 8 Speakers to form a circle and a microphone+switch in the middle of it
The sound of the visitor is taken by the mic and processed in realtime making it movin and mutate around the visitor

It's quite a simple idea but i've never thought it would be so effective on the user

This is the interface of the patch i made

The black rectangles represent the speakers with a white line indicating the current volume. If you look at my previous posts you'll notice that this is a mod of my "preset morphing" patch.  Indeed i use a list of preset and morph between them to make the sound "move". I can select speed and direction of the sound
At first i did it to work randomly but in the end we decided to give the user a switch for selecting 4 different and determinated fx.
In the right part you can see the input volume and the value+meter for each speaker

Let's see the unlocked!

This is the main part of this patch..  At first i used the *~ object to ramp up and down consequencially the volumes but i was gettin a lot of clicks
I solved the problem using the adsr~ object and set it to form a triangle-like envelope

So in the end this patch was made of: 8 volume envelopes - preset morphing - some processing - a midi in - and an 8 output soundcard


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