lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Enven12 Patch

Welcome to "Enven12"

This is a great little patch that controls up to 12 parameters of whatever vst or external hardware device you want. Yeah, it sounds great and it is indeed!
I use it mainly for creating soundscapes and long automations
It works like a charm so i think i'm going to share it to the world

It's basically made of 12 envelopes totally customizable and synched together
On each envelope there's a red scrolling line to indicate the position currently read and it's possible to view the values changing also from the 12 sliders beneath

The envelopes are numbered horizontally so first row 1 2 3, second row 4 5 6  and so on..

The number box indicates the length in milliseconds of the envelope

By clicking on the midiout it's possible to choose the output where to send our midi controlchange
There's a row to enable and disable each envelope output ( this is specially useful if you have to assign one control at the time)

Each envelope has of course it's own CC value, here's a brief map

Envelope 1 sends out: CC81
Envelope 2 sends out: CC82
Envelope 3 sends out: CC83
Envelope 4 sends out: CC84
Envelope 5 sends out: CC85
Envelope 6 sends out: CC86
Envelope 7 sends out: CC87
Envelope 8 sends out: CC88
Envelope 9 sends out: CC89
Envelope 10 sends out: CC90
Envelope 11 sends out: CC91
Envelope 12 sends out: CC92

The first checkbox is to clear all envelopes at next start
The second is just for start all envelopes
The third when checked with the first, creates random envelopes on every start

It is possible to save and recall presets

I really hope you all enjoy this little gift and if you use it on some creation please write me back and let me hear it!

You can download the patch  HERE

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